Here is a collection of links that I spend most of my time surfing. If you would like to have your site added just contact me.


All About Pocket Knives – My home away from home. It’s the friendliest and most comprehensive site on the web for discussing and researching pocket knives. – Photos and information regarding rare, odd, old or limited multitools and saks and the collector’s who love them.

Edcforums – A great forum on the things we carry everyday.

iKnifecollector – Is a growing community of knife enthusiasts.

Knife Forums – One of the largest knife forums on the net.

Blade Forums – Another huge forum covering every aspect of kniving.

SAK Sites:

SAKWIKI – The most extensive and informative Swiss Army Knife site there is.

SOSAK – Secret Order Of the Swiss Army Knife.

AloxWorld – A guide of Victorinox Alox Swiss Army Knives will attempt to reference every textured Alox model and their variations made by Victorinox.

SAKFan – Wayne has an amazing collection of unique and rare Swiss Army Knives and useful info. His collection is truly unbelievable.

FELINEVET – Tim is an awesome guy that carries a wide variety of products and specializes in Swiss Army Knives with a special emphasis on Rare, Hard to Find, Special Editions and Limited Runs.

SAK Collector – Jamie’s site has tons of info on the Swiss Army Knife. He has brochures, catalogs and videos. A must visit.

Swiss Knives Info – Martin has a great site with unique knives, old catalogs, a .pdf of special editions and tons of photos.

Chris Custom Works  – Chris has some great mods, terrific reviews and cool gear.

Mario’s Swiss Army Knives – Mario has great articles and always a few rare knives for sale.

Jeroen’s Blog – Jeroen has some great mods, cool knives and helpful tutorials on modding and repairing saks.

SAAM’s – Lots of 91mm info.



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