Schatt and Morgan

Schatt and Morgan was founded in 1890 and was purchased by Queen City in 1932. In 1947 Queen City changed it’s name to Queen Cutlery and introduced Queen Steel Knives. Queen Cutlery is still housed in the Schatt and Morgan factory.

Series XV Carpenter Whittier

Series XV Railsplitter

Schatt & Morgan Canoe
A.G. Russel Special Edition
1 of 50 in Mammoth Ivory

Series VII
English Jack
1 of 600

File & Wire Series 7

SFO Railsplitter Winterbottom

SFO Rev. Gunstock Winterbottom

SFO Barlow W/Bottom

File & Wire Series 4 Mtn. Man

File and Wire Series 3 Mtn. Man

Harness Jack Series 1

Harness Jack Series 2

Harness Jack Series 3

Schatt Scout 0442SK 2004
Rehandled in Sambar by Muskrat Man

Series XIII Doctor’s Knife

Series V Cotton Sample

Series V Canoe Whittler

Premier #5 Railsplitter




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