Scout Sheath


Back in October Mike at MRC Leather ran a contest for a free custom leather sheath. I was lucky enough to win it. I looked through his gallery and decided that I would like to have one of his scout style sheaths. Even though the contest was for a simple sheath, Mike was gracious enough to build me the more complicated sheath. He was super easy to work with, both offering suggestions and listening to what I wanted. I sent him my woodlore clone and he went to work right away. His turn around time was very quick despite him doing it for free. He got it back to me around mid December but unfortunately I spent most of December in the hospital with pneumonia. I couldn’t wait to get home and check it out. This is what I found.


I loved how he packaged it, very classy, and yet practical. It will make great char cloth. 😉  After unwrapping it I was taken back by how appealing to the eye it was. The light colored stitching compliments the dark brown leather very well. I slid the knife in and was met with that reassuring pop. Even without the strap the retention is great. There’s no way it’s coming out without a good pull. The craftsmanship of the sheath is simply wonderful. The stitching is nice and tight, the welt lines up smoothly all way around making it look like one solid piece. The firesteel loop was an unexpected welcome surprise and it’s integrated perfectly. I couldn’t have been more satisfied and look forward to doing business with Mike again. He’s a class act that crafts top of the line leather craft. I would put his work up against any out there. Thank you, Mike, for going above and beyond what was necessary.


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