Boker Plus Exskelimoor

Recently, Mike Skerllern, the famous South African knifemaker, teamed up with Boker Plus (the Chinese made division of Boker Knives) and released the small and large versions of the Exskelimoor. Mine is the larger I. While most production versions of custom knives aren’t true to form of the original, the Boker Plus version of the Exskelimoor is amazingly similar to its custom counterpart, the Exskelibur and extremely well made for the price.


The specifications are:

Overall length: 8″
Blade length: 3 1/2″
Weight: 3.0 oz.
Blade material: 440C
Handle material: Bog oak


The fit and finish on this knife is incredible. Even though it’s made in China the quality is equal to many USA modern folders. With the beautiful Bog Oak handles and titanium liners and clip it surpasses any American made modern folder in the 100.00 dollar price range. The subtly hollow-ground blade came razor sharp and it seems like a really useful blade shape and profile. The opening process is novel but with a little practice even my dear friend, Robin, who bought me the knife as a gift after seeing it on Chris’s page, was opening it with no trouble. You can see a video of the opening process posted by another user here. The pivot is remarkably smooth and silky – it feels great when the big blade is in motion. Overall the build quality is very impressive, and it’s almost hard to believe you are getting such a well-built, useful knife for the money. You can pick one up at Amazon for around 60.



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